Earth Station but Modular

  • 2022-02-18 10:46:48
Earth Station but Modular

With recent advancements in technology, mobility became a very popular demand within consumer groups of end-users as well as sector professionals. PALS developed an Earth Station (ES) with a very special structure to comply with popular demands. Satellite systems provide connectivity solutions in rural areas where you have no land connection options at all, due to their nature. This article focuses on the transportable modular product of PFA-370. It is a Earth Station, Fly-Away type of antenna with an aperture of 3.7 meters of reflector. 




Introducing PFA-370 as a Earth Station antenna but with the feature of modularity, so the user can disassemble the antenna and transfer it to any other location as they please. All parts of this earth station are designed and manufactured from Carbon-Fiber to be light-weight so an average person can assemble/disassemble, and most importantly, carry it around. I.e., the antenna reflector itself, which is the heaviest part, is made up of 19 individual pieces. Also, each piece has labels with numbers, so it would be easy to assemble. All parts are designed to be snapped on, so there would be no special tool requirements other than human hands.


One of the most important features and what makes this system mobile, other than modularity, is how you transport them. Each part of the system has a designated spot in their boxes. The whole system can be divided into 9 boxes total. And each box is IATA compliant, which means it is not too heavy for a person to carry, and the box sizes are appropriate for use on commercial or military aircraft. These type of products are called "Fly-Away" as a term used in the industry. Fly-away boxes are part of the antenna mount, which is called a pedestal. Also housing for antenna systems' motors and driver controllers. So you don’t have to worry about thinking where to put all the boxes after you took out parts.




PFA-370 is compatible with the PAC-550 antenna control system, which we reviewed recently. If you are interested you may find the full article of PAC-550 here:

There are many options that are available on demand. System can be equipped with internal or external beacon tracking receivers. Alternatively, the De-Ice module allows the user to operate in the snow. There is also a defense model available which has already passed the MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 tests. Which is not only available as a physical system but also in color options.

If you are interested in more details, please see the product page of PFA-370 from here:
Please feel free to contact our team for more details.

by System Integration Engineer, Özdemir Öztürk