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PALS is a manufacturer of satellite and broadcast products and turnkey systems integrator in Istanbul since 1995. We design and develop our state-of-art products and integrate large earth stations, complete production studios, own-designed customized satellite and broadcast communications vehicles to customers in the broadcasting, satellite, military and governmental institutions for traditional broadcasting or data communications. With the experience of more than 2 decades, we provide customized, flexible and innovative solutions to our all stakeholders. We believe in customer and company-value oriented approach which are approved by our partners globally.

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What We Offer?

Interrupted satellite communication, limitless outside broadcast capabilities with an integration in excellence.

PALS products serve around the globe continously. Products are perfectly fit for each territory. Satellite differences, road types and environemntal conditions can not limit of the flexibility of our integration capabilities and experiences. PALS Antennas perfectly match with any kind of mobile vehicle for broadcasting or data transefer for different purposes. Outside broadcasting/production vans allows carry your own creative studio close by the events while the crew is working in comfort. Communication and production entertain and also can save lives by using PALS products.



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