PALS become a member of the WTA!

  • 2022-08-08 12:12:42
PALS become a member of the WTA!

WTA is an association established in 1985 to offer more communication to companies in the on-orbit and non-teleport sector. The general profile of members is as follows: independents and multinationals, niche service providers, global hybrid carriers. At the same time, business with teleport companies become members of WTA for new business channels in the sector.

WTA's offerings include speaking opportunities at industry conferences and conventions such as CommunicAsia, CABSAT, IBC, to which WTA has contributed the content or recommended speakers and PALS has attended many times before, webinars hosted by WTA, and access to informative sector articles.

Key members of the WTA are sector-leading companies such as Kratos, ETL, Eutelsat and Intelsat, which are partners and collaborators of PALS.

PALS joined WTA in July to be together with the market leaders, and follow and contribute to the latest developments in the field of satellite communication in this community. You can find our World Teleport Association profile at the link below: 

PALS Electronics at WTA