Advancing Broadcast Technology

  • 2024-01-22 13:27:54
Advancing Broadcast Technology

Successful Completion of DVT2 Terrestrial Site Project Paves the Way for 2nd Generation Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Cyprus for European Union


Continuing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of broadcast technology, PALS, a prominent satellite antenna manufacturer, and system integrator, is thrilled to share a new achievement. This remarkable feat centers around the successful completion of the groundbreaking DVT2 Terrestrial Site Project for European Union This ambitious undertaking involved the integration of transmitters and combiners across three different sites, UHF antenna installation at a designated site, and the establishment of a robust main and backup headend system. The implementation of a reliable radio link connecting the headend to transmission sites, along with the installation of a backup UPS system at the transmission site, further enhances the resilience of the entire broadcasting network.

Partnerships that Drive Excellence: At the heart of this achievement are our esteemed solution partners who played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of the DVT2 Terrestrial Site project. PALS collaborated with Plisch for cutting-edge transmitters, Exir for high-performance combiners, and Harmonic for state-of-the-art headend systems. These partnerships not only attest to our commitment to excellence but also highlight the synergy of expertise that has been harnessed to bring this visionary project to fruition.



Key Project Components:

Integration of Transmitters and Combiners: The integration of Plisch transmitters and Exir combiners across three different sites forms the backbone of the DVT2 Terrestrial Site project. This strategic deployment ensures optimal signal transmission and coverage, providing viewers with a seamless and enhanced broadcasting experience.

UHF Antenna Installation: A key component of the project involved the meticulous installation of UHF antennas at a designated site. This critical infrastructure contributes to the efficient delivery of digital terrestrial broadcasting signals, catering to the diverse needs of the audience.



Main and Backup Headend System: The implementation of a main and backup headend system ensures uninterrupted broadcasting operations. This redundant setup guarantees the continuity of service, mitigating potential disruptions and offering a reliable platform for the delivery of high-quality content.

Radiolink Connectivity: The establishment of a radiolink between the headend and transmission sites serves as a technological bridge, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer. This advanced connectivity solution further solidifies the efficiency and reliability of the broadcasting network.

Backup UPS System: Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted power supply, PALS installed a backup UPS system at the transmission site. This precautionary measure safeguards against power outages, ensuring the constant availability of broadcasting services.

Impact on Cyprus Broadcasting: Thanks to the successful completion of the DVT2 Terrestrial Site project, Cyprus is poised to embrace 2nd generation digital terrestrial broadcasting. This milestone will usher in a new era of enhanced audio and visual quality, improved signal coverage, and a broader array of channels, offering viewers an enriched and immersive television experience.


PALS takes great pride in the successful execution of the DVT2 Terrestrial Site project, solidifying our commitment to advancing broadcast technology. With visionary partners, cutting-edge solutions, and a dedication to excellence, we have set the stage for Cyprus to embrace the next generation of digital terrestrial broadcasting. This accomplishment underscores our position as a leader in the industry and marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of broadcast technology.